Our Principal


IMG_0219Penina Teitelbaum was born in Dallas and raised on Long Island, and has developed a passion for teaching over the course of many years of experience. She holds a Master’s degree and was trained as a therapist at the Family Clinic of Neve Yerushalayim, and enjoys weaving her two passions together as she guides her students on their paths to adulthood and success. Before her move, she worked as Assistant Principal at Shearim Torah High School for Girls.

Her talents and motivation stem from her roots, as she comes from a family of gifted educators and esteemed Torah scholars. Her mother, Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt, is a famous lecturer and educator, while her father, Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt, is a prominent community builder and a tireless activist on behalf of those in need. Her grandfather, Rabbi Nota Greenblatt, is a world renowned Torah scholar and Halachic expert. Penina is married to a grandson of Rabbi Berel Wein, an eminent Jewish historian, author, and great Torah scholar.

Along with a great sense of energy, Penina is infused with a zest for life and a magnetic personality. She has a unique ability to inspire and motivate girls to be the very best they can be, while enjoying the actual process of growth. Her connection to Jewish spirituality and the Torah is as contagious as it is deep.IMG_0589

As the Principal of Judaic and General studies, Penina is laser-focused on the quality of education at the school, and works extensively with her faculty and administration to ensure academic excellence. Atara Girls High School is blessed to have such a talented educator and mentor for our high school girls.

 Penina is married to Rabbi Binyamin Teitelbaum, a noted Torah scholar and member of the Cincinnati Community Kollel, who serves as Program Director while also leading the Cincinnati’s successful Partners in Torah program. They have three adorable children and enjoy being a part of the beautiful Cincinnati Jewish community.