Bekius - Bamidbar

Judaic Studies


Course Description

A Chumash Bikiyus course has been adopted by many of the preeminent girls high schools across the country as a complement to the Chumah Be’iyun course. This course offers the students a broader philosophical perspective, and provides the girls with a more expansive understanding of the timeline and chronology of the Chumash. The primary focus of the course is the key elements of the Book of Bamidbar. Several classes are dedicated to learning about Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur with each including enhanced appreciation of their precise positions on the Jewish calendar.


Course Objectives

  • Students will learn the major events, key personalities, and Ma’amarei Chazal from Bamidbar

  • Students will apply these significant lessons to their lives

  • Students will recognize the relevance of each book to their generation and recognize the eternal message of the sefer

  • Students will know key Ma’amarei Chazal

  • Students must review notes consistently


Scope and Sequence

Unit 1- Names of the Sefer and the meanings and messages of each name

  • Bamidbar

  • Chumash Hapikudim

Unit 2-

  • Counting Shevet Levi

  • Degalim

  • Nazir

Unit 3-

  • Birchas Kohanim

  • Pesach Sheini

  • Yisro- the rest of the story

Unit 4-

  • Miriam’s complaint against Moshe

  • Misonenim

  • Korach

Unit 5-

  • Moshe’s “failure”

  • Bilaam

  • Pinchas

Unit 6-

  • Kashering

  • Tevilas Keilim

  • Bnos Tzelafchad

  • Ir Miklat

Unit 7-

  • Authenticity of the Torah record

  • Brochoh

  • Prophecy

Unit 8-

  • Authority of Leadership

  • Humanity of Leadership

  • Land of Israel

  • Zealotry

Included in what is addressed while analyzing each theme will be:

  • Timing

  • Context

  • Characters and their backgrounds

  • Impact on the characters

  • Impact on the “klal”

  • Impact on our destiny



Students will be assessed through a combination of factors

  • Class participation

  • Frequent quizzes

  • Projects

  • Homework assignments

  • Quarterly Tests