The Weekly Parsha


The Weekly Parsha

Course Description:

This class will feature an overview of each week’s Torah portion. The overview will present the themes and major points as they are divided by the seven Aliyos. Additionally, specific insights will be discussed, with a focus on ideas that lend themselves to practical application in the day to day lives of the students

Course Objectives:

Students will become familiar with the general content of each week’s Torah portion and acquire insights that will add meaning ot these ideas. Together, they will help the students develop an appreciation and feel for the annual cycle of the reading of the Torah and its connection to the flow of the Jewish year and our daily lives. Students will come to class knowing the number of verses and mitzohs in the current week’s portion as well as the date in the Hebrew Calendar.



There will be a weekly quiz on the previous week’s class and a general review and test each quarter.

Scope and Sequence:

Unit 1: Devarim

  • Week 1 – Ha’azinu
  • Week 2 – Vizos HaBracha


Unit 2: Braishis

  • Braishis
  • Noach
  • Lech Licha
  • Vayeira
  • Chayei Sara
  • Toldos
  • Vayetzei
  • Vayishlach
  • Vayeishev
  • Mikaitz
  • Vayigash
  • Vayechi


Unit 3: Shemos

  • Shemos
  • Vaera
  • Bo
  • Beshalach
  • Yisro
  • Mispatim
  • Teruma
  • Tetzaveh
  • Ki Sisa
  • Vayakhel
  • Pikudei


Unit 4: Vayikra

  • Vayikra
  • Tzav
  • Shemini
  • Tazriah
  • Metzorah
  • Acharei Mos
  • Kedoshim
  • Emor
  • Behar
  • Bechukosai


Unit 5: Bamidbar

  • Bemidbar
  • Naso
  • Behaloscha
  • Selach