Extracurriclular Programs & Activities

Our commitment to a whole-child education leads to a strong focus on mental and physical wellness.  Exposure to a range of awareness-building workshops and vigorous after-school activities (including Krav Maga and Zumba) encourages fitness of the mind and body.

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Our Chessed program was created with the2014-01-15 12.51.49 purpose of promoting the students’ development into lifelong givers and community leaders. Within each student, we aim to develop the sense of communal responsibility that motivates someone to give of themselves, along with the self-efficacy that allows each student to believe that she can make a difference.

The program is designed to hone each each

girl’s relational and leadership skills while nurturing her internal midah of chessed.

CZE Cleanup

CZE Cleanup

The yearly program program is divided into units, each one of which focuses on a particular skill-set. This year, our primary project is a technology-based History Commemoration Project. The project was undertaken in conjunction with our Language and Composition, Modern World History, and Computer Technology classes. The girls are learning autobiography essay writing and historical research skills, along with a working understanding of Google Earth. Most importantly, they are being taught how to relate to the elderly with empathy and sensitivity, and discovering what a deep impact they can have on the lives of others.


Click here to see pictures from our Chessed Carnival 2015!IMG_0072.JPG

Yimei Iyun

It is important that every religious individual have a comprehensive hashkafic understanding of the basic principles of Yiddishkeit. At Atara, we challenge our students to develop their critical thinking skills, to ask good questions, and to strive for meaning and depth in their lives.

While we offer a well-rounded Judaic Curriculum, we think it is important to devote extra time to particularly important Hashkafic touch points. As such, we provide intermittent half-day Yimmei Iyyun on topics such as Emunah, The Role of Women in Judiasm, and Prayer.

Each Yom Iyyun involves two to three speeches from various speakers, each of whom approaches the subject from a particular angle or point of understanding, with a time for questions at the end. Every Yom Iyyun includes a workshop or activity, and ends with an appetizing brunch over which we encourage the girls to discuss the new ideas they heard.

The half-day format allows for intensive engagement with the subject matter, and the activity and brunch additions allow for a deeper processing of these essential Torah concepts.

Women in Judaism


indexRabbi Gavriel Friedman: Spoke about Ikarey Emunah. The girls enjoyed his presentation so much that they arranged another shiur on Shabbos afternoon.




IMG_0637Rabbi Berel Wein: Spoke about the importance of the individual, and about the ability of each one of the girls to profoundly impact and shape the world.



Other speakers have included:


indexRabbi Dovid Orlofsky




Peskin-headshot8-blur2_webMrs. Ronit Peskin



indexMrs. Debbie Greenblatt




indexRabbi Meir Minster



2013-11-12 12.44.57Mrs. Shifra Motzen



indexRabbi Ariel Shoshan




Mrs. Burney

Miss Chevi Garfinkel

Mrs. Penina Gilbert

Mrs. Gila Manolson

Mrs. Gail Michalowicz

IMG_0756GEM is a brand new student run program at Atara! GEM is short for Growing Each Month, and it enhances the students’ Rosh Chodesh experience. With workshops, and actives. GEM will add meaning to each month of the Hebrew year. We also focus on the role of women during Rosh Chodesh. A special Atara high school Hallel will be put together and sing every Rosh Chodesh.


The GEM launch on October 12th was a huge success!. The esteemed Mrs. Teitelbaum spoke to the high schoolers along with the 8th grade that were asked to participate. Mrs. Teitelbaum spoke about the importance of Rosh Chodesh, and about the significance of the moon. She related it to the staunch Emunah the women showed in Mitzrayim and the midbar. The girls gained a lot from her speech, and the heads gave out a ring pop (topped by a “gem”) as a gift. We look forward to many more GEM programs to come!