Our Chessed program was created with the2014-01-15 12.51.49 purpose of promoting the students’ development into lifelong givers and community leaders. Within each student, we aim to develop the sense of communal responsibility that motivates someone to give of themselves, along with the self-efficacy that allows each student to believe that she can make a difference.

The program is designed to hone each each

girl’s relational and leadership skills while nurturing her internal midah of chessed.

CZE Cleanup

CZE Cleanup

The yearly program program is divided into units, each one of which focuses on a particular skill-set. This year, our primary project is a technology-based History Commemoration Project. The project was undertaken in conjunction with our Language and Composition, Modern World History, and Computer Technology classes. The girls are learning autobiography essay writing and historical research skills, along with a working understanding of Google Earth. Most importantly, they are being taught how to relate to the elderly with empathy and sensitivity, and discovering what a deep impact they can have on the lives of others.


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