IMG_0756GEM is a brand new student run program at Atara! GEM is short for Growing Each Month, and it enhances the students’ Rosh Chodesh experience. With workshops, and actives. GEM will add meaning to each month of the Hebrew year. We also focus on the role of women during Rosh Chodesh. A special Atara high school Hallel will be put together and sing every Rosh Chodesh.


The GEM launch on October 12th was a huge success!. The esteemed Mrs. Teitelbaum spoke to the high schoolers along with the 8th grade that were asked to participate. Mrs. Teitelbaum spoke about the importance of Rosh Chodesh, and about the significance of the moon. She related it to the staunch Emunah the women showed in Mitzrayim and the midbar. The girls gained a lot from her speech, and the heads gave out a ring pop (topped by a “gem”) as a gift. We look forward to many more GEM programs to come!