Yimei Iyun

Yimei Iyun

It is important that every religious individual have a comprehensive hashkafic understanding of the basic principles of Yiddishkeit. At Atara, we challenge our students to develop their critical thinking skills, to ask good questions, and to strive for meaning and depth in their lives.

While we offer a well-rounded Judaic Curriculum, we think it is important to devote extra time to particularly important Hashkafic touch points. As such, we provide intermittent half-day Yimmei Iyyun on topics such as Emunah, The Role of Women in Judiasm, and Prayer.

Each Yom Iyyun involves two to three speeches from various speakers, each of whom approaches the subject from a particular angle or point of understanding, with a time for questions at the end. Every Yom Iyyun includes a workshop or activity, and ends with an appetizing brunch over which we encourage the girls to discuss the new ideas they heard.

The half-day format allows for intensive engagement with the subject matter, and the activity and brunch additions allow for a deeper processing of these essential Torah concepts.

Women in Judaism