Women in Judaism

By: Leeby Travis

Jewish women, we’re told, are special. As a Jewish girl myself, I can easily agree with this statement without discovering what exactly it is that makes us unique. But this past Tu B’shvat, my friends and I were given the rare opportunity to discover the reason behind this statement through two exceptional speakers, Mrs. Ronit Pliskin and Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt.

We began our Yom Iyun with Ronit Pliskin, the founder of Women for the Wall. Although Ronit claimed not to be much of a speaker, we all found ourselves captivated as she recounted her fascinating story. We were awed by the way she, along with a friend, was able to send the Israeli government and all of Israel a silent message by gathering together 12,000 women at the Kotel. She explained to us that women are supposed to be different from men, and although many think otherwise, being different isn’t demeaning, but rather brings out the dignity of women.  We were truly amazed by the power of two stay-at-home moms who had the ability to make such a widespread statement simply because they cared. We walked away with the startling realization that we too have the ability to accomplish greatness if we put our minds to it.

Although she was unable to be with us in person, through Skype, Mrs. Greenblatt shared with us the essence of being a woman through sources from the Torah. We learned that women were given a special insight to see situations the way they truly are, and through that, are able to discover the truth, just like Sarah Imeinu. We were shown the importance of realizing this gift and being sure to actualize the potential and responsibility we have.

Our Yom Iyun ended with a delicious brunch and uplifting activity of self-reflection.